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Already have a farm? Automate measurements of your fish tank and plant growbed like a scientist.

Dashboard Service

Are the fishes alive? Monitor the status of your fish tank and growbed whereever you are. Get an alert on your phone when your attention is needed. API Coming Soon!

Garden Solutions

Don't know where to start? Let us help you design and build a system based on your needs, for business or for pleasure.

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Why choose us?

The Food Revolution is already happening. What would you like to grow for your family today?

Farmsys is a remote monitoring and automation system tool for your indoor or outdoor grow.

It uses the dependablity of the IoT and the robustness of the electronics to allow for remote control and monitoring.

Using the low cost latest technology, you will save a lot of money on markets and grow fresh herbs whatever you want.
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Interested in joining our network of sustainable agriculture suppliers and practicioners? Please reach out to us so we can collaborate!

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